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Delta Light

Void house


A double story Victorian terrace which suffered from the darkness of its time was transformed by the Melbourne Architectural Studio Edwards Moore. Located in Armadale, an inner Eastern suburb of Melbourne, the terrace was enlightened through a double story courtyard at its heart.


Full height continuous glazed panels provide light and visual connection to the internal spaces. Reflecting the bluestone /parquetry palette, and glimpses of the passing sky. A new dining area to the rear connects the garden to its landscape, expansive glass sliding panels open up to the rear terrace with Landscape design by TCL studio.


Central to the living area is a large steel framed window seat, angled to connect the living and dining space and at grand scale to frame the landscape beyond. Thirty metres of combined Delta Light Splitline 29 and Splitline 52 were selected by Edwards Moore Architects to create a unique lighting effect.The design incorporates separate dimming control for the Spotnic 52 LED spotlights, RB 52 LED adjustable downlights and 39w & 54w fluorescent modules.

Delta Light NV
Muizelstraat 2
B-8560 Wevelgem (Moorsele)
Tel. +32 (0) 56 435 735
Fax. +32 (0) 56 435 736


Showroom Delta Light Nederland
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Burgemeester Stramanweg 104
1101 AA Amsterdam
Tel. +31 (0)88 804 06 00

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