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Project by Artilligent

This interior is a perfect combination of natural materials, light and harmony. The result is a masterpiece of art – the creation of design with a strong styling impact and a sense of hospitality. A double living room filled with stylish sofas increases the space for friends and family gatherings. Plenty of natural light that comes from the panoramic windows enhances the interior making it liveable yet elegant space. Owners are incredibly lucky to have a property that looks out onto such a wide view and can enjoy it from both living and dining spaces.

Immediately after opening the front door, the householders and their guests are welcomed by the Planika NetZero fireplace FLA3. Peninsula arrangement emphasizes one of the most important advantages of the FLA3 fireplace – namely, no need for a chimney nor ventilation. Users can admire the fire spectacle from almost every corner of the space. What is more, the cutting-edge BEV technology ensures the cleanest combustion, without smoke emission, with no harmful substances or unpleasant odours. The fireplace can be controlled using a handheld remote, mobile application or SHS.

Project was carried out in Taiwan by Artilligent Design and was awarded with 2021 iF Design Award.

Ul. Bydgoskich Przemysłowców 10
85-862 Bydgoszcz, Poland
+48 52 364 11 60

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