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Build a pool

You would like to build a pool, but have no idea how to start and which steps to take? Would you like to build a pool, but you don’t know which style of pool suits you? Would you like to build a pool and are you looking for the best specialist who can help you build your own pool? At you will not only find beautiful inspiration in the field of swimming pools, but you will also get to know the various top companies from the swimming pool industry.

Architectural swimming pool

People are increasingly opting for an architectural swimming pool. After all, when constructing an architectural swimming pool, you choose the shape and size of your own swimming pool and you also determine the color of the foil or tile. In short, you can design an architectural swimming pool exactly as you wish. Various specialists who show their dream baths at are happy to advise you about the many possibilities and also discuss the advantages and disadvantages of an architectural swimming pool. If you realize an architectural swimming pool with so-called Styropool building blocks, for example, you can swim in your own swimming pool in your garden in no time. After all, you stack these blocks of hardened styrofoam on top of each other like Lego bricks. These blocks are then filled with concrete. Do you prefer a round swimming pool? That is also possible and is a clear advantage of choosing an architectural swimming pool.

Luxury swimming pool

Who doesn’t dream of their own luxury swimming pool? After all, what’s better than taking a dip in your luxurious swimming pool after a long day at work or during your well-deserved holiday? Prominent pool builders like Van Gemert Swimming Pools, Compass Pools, Quality Pool and Bodyfit Wellness excel with the realization of a luxury swimming pool. Becaus exclusive gardens & swimming pools and the Green Plan are also prominent pool builders. The top specialists in the field of exclusive swimming pools mentioned have been constructing tiled swimming pools, polyester swimming pools and swimming ponds for years.

Difference between overflow pools and skimmer pool

In a skimmer bath, the water is ten centimeters below the pool edge. Skimmers are built into the pool wall. These skimmers ensure that the surface water is extracted in the skimmer bath. This water is filtered and brought back into the skimmer bath by so-called injectors. Together they ensure the water circulation in the skimmer pool. In overflow pools, the water is up to the edge and the excess water flows away through a grid or slit at the pool edges. This water is collected in a buffer tank, where it is cleaned. The water is then pumped back into the overflow pool. Overflow pools are still the most common, although a skimmer pool is certainly gaining in popularity.

Indoor pool or an outdoor pool?

From tiled pools to polyester pools and from an indoor pool to an outdoor pool. If you choose to have your indoor pool or outdoor pool installed by one of these top companies, the result is invariably the same: a luxury pool that enriches your life. Your own luxury swimming pool: what a pleasure.