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Maison Sucre Luxury Interiors

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Furnish wardrobe room

A cloakroom is a handy space where you can store all your clothes and accessories in a well-arranged way. It is a luxury walk-in closet where you will get the experience of a kind of store that is full of clothes and accessories that fit you perfectly and are completely your taste. There are many options when it comes to furnishing a cloakroom. Colors and materials determine a large part of the atmosphere and appearance of the room. It is also possible to opt for closed cupboards or open shelves where the clothing hangs. It is up to you whether you want the clothing to be seen directly in the room. In addition, it is important that you think about how much space you have available for your wardrobe room. You naturally want to make maximum use of the space.

Wardrobe examples

To create a total experience, it is best if your wardrobe room matches the interior of your bedroom and the rest of the house. If a country style is used in your home, a walk-in closet that connects to this by using country doors, for example, is a good solution. A specialist in interior design can help you create a wardrobe room design that best fits your home. For this, your wishes and needs will first be listed. At Hoog you will find various wardrobe room examples for inspiration. You also immediately see which professional is responsible for this, so that you can get in touch immediately.