Wooden staircase in Amsterdam

Wooden staircase in Amsterdam

Stair specialist is happy to help you find the best stair specialist for the realization of your dream staircase. The luxury inspiration platform shows beautiful photos of stairs that have been realized beforehand and of course mentions which stair specialist is responsible for the end result. Because there is a lot involved when it comes to designing, manufacturing and ultimately placing a staircase, it is certainly advisable to involve a stair specialist in your plans. The staircase specialist listens to your wishes and plans and also looks at which type of staircase fits perfectly with the space in which the staircase should be placed.

Customized stairs

Stair specialists excel with their beautiful and eye-catching custom-made stairs. Custom-made staircases that suit the wishes of the client and of course give the hall the desired appearance. A customized staircase as a showpiece of your home. A customized staircase as a unique creation. Creative professionals, designers and interior architects are happy to think along with you about your wishes and dreams and excel in designing and realizing customized staircases. A tailor-made staircase with which you surprise your visit when you enter and with which you can create a wow effect when you enter the house. Especially with a new building you can come up with a perfect solution together with a stair specialist and the interior architect. But of course they also know how to design and install a captivating, tailor-made staircase for a renovation.

Luxury stairs

You have stairs that are pure to walk from bottom to top and you have luxury stairs that look stunning and on which you feel like a fashion model on the catwalk. Luxury stairs are so much more than a connection between two floors. They give charm and extra cachet to the home. Luxury stairs are realized in all kinds of different styles. From opulent turning stairs to modern stairs. All of them of very high quality and beautiful to see. Modern staircases are of course often used in modern interiors, while spiral staircases suit every living style. The material used and the finish of the spiral stairs ultimately reflect the style of the staircase. The high-end stair specialists make the spiral staircases and modern staircases entirely tailored to your dreams.

Design stairs

Design stairs give your home allure and a glamorous look. The desired design of the stairs is often discussed and designed in consultation with stair specialists. Matching the wish and the space and manufactured with the right quality materials. Curious about the many possibilities and examples of exclusive stairs? offers a solution. The exclusive stairs are clearly presented. Of course, the names of the stair specialists are included with the photos of the exclusive stairs.