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Aro continues to focus on innovation and quality to achieve ambitious goals
Aro has been active in the kitchen and interior sector for over 60 years. The company combines this broad experience with a dynamic vision of the future with ambitious growth plans. These are based on the company’s core values: innovation, service, quality and punctuality, but also on major efforts to take social responsibility as a company.


A company can only be and remain successful if it succeeds in regularly questioning itself and adapting to the needs of the time and of the customer. Especially now that we can no longer say that we live in an era of change, but rather in a change of era, adaptability and innovation are an absolute must. Aro has always taken the lead in this area. Twenty years ago, Aro was the first supplier to produce a flat solid door. This made Aro a forerunner in the field of sustainability. After all, solid wood durations are particularly environmentally friendly. After all, wood is a natural product that retains CO² and thus contributes to the reduction of the greenhouse effect. A solid wood door also retains heat and is therefore a perfect insulator. Not only do solid wood doors have a beautiful natural, warm and lively appearance, they are also almost completely recyclable. With the recent launch of the semi-solid semi-door, which could only be produced after specific new machines were produced for it, Aro is now again a very innovative forerunner in the kitchen and interior industry. So much so that there is also a great deal of interest from abroad for these doors.


The quality of the products and services offered must, of course, be self-evident for every company that should not be discussed anymore. Precisely because the consumer carelessly assumes that he can always count on that evident quality, some providers do not always take it very seriously. Aro therefore considers it necessary to emphasize that quality again. Quality is part of the company’s DNA. This is not only reflected in the materials used, but also in the total approach. Aro pays the same attention to all aspects: from the layout of the showroom to the friendliness of the employees.


When you say innovation and quality, you automatically say service. And service always starts with listening to the customer. That is why Aro has become a specialist in customization, although the company used to work mainly with standard sizes. That is why Aro has gradually started to work with materials other than solid wood. With the same strict quality requirements, we also supply semi-doors, but also cabinet doors in MDF and veneer. And also to meet customer demand, we have developed innovative processes that enable us to offer an unusually wide range of colors.


In a world where everyone is accustomed to being able to find all possible information immediately, punctuality is increasingly important. That is why it is a real core value for Aro in addition to innovation, quality and service. Aro always delivers custom work on the agreed delivery date and keeps customers informed of the production process. Over the years, Aro has always proven that it respects its customers. And punctuality is a form of respect that cannot be bargained for.

Social responsibility

Service, quality, innovation and punctuality actually have a common denominator that we can refer to by the term “respect”. Aro is convinced that as a company it must also respect its social responsibility. We believe that our planet is the most important good we pass on to our younger generations. Corporate social responsibility is therefore an absolute must for us!

Companies are used to adapting to changing needs and a changing context. In this changing context, it is now clear that everyone must work together to reduce the ecological footprint. Aro was a forerunner in that field with the production of solid wooden doors and wants to continue to be an inspiring example in that field in the coming years. The company is 100% behind the idea that a company should put the well-being of all stakeholders first in all its actions. Humanity is central, also in a continuous effort to limit waste and the emission of harmful gases as much as possible. Aro knows that companies only have a future if sustainability is an integral part of their strategy. Only by always thinking about it, even when it was not so topical to talk about it, has Aro been able to keep on working for more than 60 years.


By linking the core values ​​to an eye for sustainability, Aro is convinced that it will also be able to follow a good growth path in the coming decades. But success is not a ripe fruit that just falls into the lap. That is why we have drawn up an ambitious plan that should continue the success of the company in the coming years. The program includes further internationalization with a focus on the Netherlands, Luxembourg and France and a better follow-up of existing customers. This will be done, among other things, by attracting new account mangers, by sending a biweekly newsletter with a clear call to action and by launching new models, colors and products four times a year. We will also invest heavily in the presence of Aro on social media, record professional corporate films, organize training days and, through the launch of the Aropedia, which offers a total package of information, offer our customers the opportunity to become true professionals. Finally, we will now also be responsible for the exclusive distribution of taps and sinks from the “high end” brands Lanesto, MGS, Gessi, Schock.

Important role in the future

Even after the corona crisis, companies will have to play a leading role in the economy and partly reinvent themselves. Based on the innovative strength, quality and service that have always been characteristic of Aro, we want to offer what we have always done, but also go a step further. We want to grow, but at the same time also contribute to finding solutions to global problems.

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