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Welcome to our white hot world
Welcome to our white-hot world full of sparks, fire, lasers and most importantly whole. a lot. steel. We areMetaal-Art, metalworkers from Amersfoort. What do we prefer to do? Making sleek steel designs. We design and manufacture steel stairs, doors, walkable glass and much more. Do you want to have something made of steel to measure? You’ve come to the right place!

This is what you can expect from Metaal-Art

  • Highest quality
    Highest quality handmade steel structures
  • Customized products
    Customized products, so you decide. Also about the smallest details
  • All under one roof
    Measuring, design, production and assembly. We do it all ourselves
  • Allround metalworkers
    Your project is made by experienced, all-round metal workers
  • Tight schedule
    Clear schedules, tight agreements

No concessions on quality
You only get quality with attention. We work with 3D models, laser cutters and powerful machines. Yet it is still human work. Will you let us make something? Then you know for sure that someone has critically examined every connection. Metaal-Art uses A-quality materials, chooses wear-resistant parts and makes your steel construction into one immovable whole.

Design, assembly and production under one roof
At Metaal-Art we are not dependent on other parties. We design and produce all our steel products ourselves. Our work planners, designers and metalworkers work together every day. They can switch quickly with each other.

This has advantages for you as a customer. You benefit from clear agreements and tight schedules. And you only have one point of contact. That’s us. The assembly is also done by our professionals, with all the attention and love it deserves.

Powerful customization with metal
You have it in your head. We’re going to make it. It’s that simple. Customization with steel is our specialty. Steel has all the properties we want. It has strength, character and can take any shape in our hands.

Steel fits into any environment with various treatments (for example, powder coating). Sleek, black industrial, stainless shiny or rusty rural. You can go either way.

Don’t limit yourself in your ideas. A vague idea is also fine. We think along with you, and come up with a great design anyway!

Sleek, elegant steel designs
At Metaal-Art we like sleek. Sleek designs, invisible seams and a very fine finish. We fit your steel construction exactly into your interior. As if he’s always been there.

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