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Bart de Beule Interior Architecture

A composition of space

exclusief interieur in serre

To give this house the desired grandeur, it had to undergo a thorough renovation and include the addition of an impressive orangery with high ceilings. The height is not only impressive on its own, but because of the big windows the light stretches even further across the rear living spaces. The interior is designed in such a way that one experiences a very subtle, gradual inside-outside transition, from the entrance to the orangery. The South-English Tudor style is intertwined with contemporary elements and the house, owned by a musical individual, bathes in music. The hallway, the living room and the kitchen are not just designed, they are actually composed so one can live in them.


Fotografie: Claude Smekens

Bart de Beule Interior Architecture

Dorpstraat 101

B-2070 Burcht

Tel. +32 (0)475 609981



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