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Studio 34 South


Co-working space for therapists, Amsterdam 250m2


The meditative design of this therapeutic co-working space appeals to the senses to create a safe haven for patients and practitioners alike.


Step in from the street and be enveloped by serene, candle-lit obscurity – the first initiation into the dream-like reality of Stories. The low-lit entryway, minimally furnished, creates a stark divide between the bustle of the outside world and this, a sudden absence of atmospheric chaos.


Senses pacified by the den-like entryway, you’ll feel a peaceful optimism in the bright calm of the welcome area, where you can sip tea at the pale, custom-made Burdur Beige marble bar upon arrival. Soft dappled sunlight, cast through gauzy floor-length linen curtains, fills the room with an otherworldly splendour.


This is a place to fully surrender to the indulgence of self-care, supported from all sides by homey furnishings, organic shapes and soothing scenery. The experience of each room at Stories works to slow you down, open you up and encourage self-care.


Upon signing the project, Studio 34 South, known for comforting yet refined interiors, looked to research to create a functional design, grounded in narrative. The contemporary blend of business and wellness that Stories represents called for a similarly inventive approach to interior design.


Their brief was to create a safe haven for therapy clients, but also a space for mental and physical health practitioners to commune, network and unwind in between sessions. Taking to research to inform their approach, they built their concept from a foundation of materials, colours and natural elements proven to have a positive effect on one’s mental state.


The designers’ commitment to the purpose of the space is evident in every design choice, from public areas to the five therapy rooms shared by Stories members.


‘Equal emphasis was placed on the Japanese concept of wabi-sabi, or the beauty of transience and imperfection, as on high-quality items and materials. No one is perfect, and shouldn’t be expected to be– so we wanted to create a location that was in a similar way desirable yet beautifully flawed.’


Beyond the sweeping marble welcome bar, a flock of whimsical, green Fest ‘Sinclair’ chairs huddle in the social space, flanked by custom window seating and coffee tables by &Tradition. In this space for connecting, a bold swirling pattern adorns the wall, enlivening the space like a fresh gust of wind.


Upstairs, the one-on-one therapy rooms are cosy sanctuaries, with a Soho House ambience and expertly blended earth tones. The aim in these rooms were to create a sense of security and buoyancy – safe spaces to bare your soul and look towards the future. A flurry of rust, bottle green and camel paired with warmly-painted walls fly in the face of the sterile whiteness often linked to treatment rooms. Throughout the first floor, vintage travertine tables and a misshapen Foscarini Gregg hanging lamp counter each other to maintain the precarious balance of imperfect beauty.


Our last stop is the Bodyworks rooms, used for massage and other healing therapies. These rooms are pared back, draped with creamy linen curtains and walls clad in hand-administered lime wash, made from natural limestone to impart a rough, shadowy texture to the off-white walls.


If nothing else, an experience at Stories creates space for serenity, be you the client or therapist providing a service. If society is slowly realising the importance of self-care and mental health, this beautiful space provides true validation.


‘The sun is always shining here’, reads a testimonial on the Stories website, and we couldn’t agree more.


Owner concept: Stories | www.stories.space
Contractor: Flow Works
Interior builder: Brandwacht
Photography: Flare Department | Underpromise.agency

Studio 34 South
Lauriergracht 116 S3
1016 RR Amsterdam
Tel. +31 (0)6 22 25 17 34

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