4 reasons to provide your home with a thatched roof from Candur!

4 reasons to provide your home with a thatched roof from Candur!

A thatched roof is a traditional and unique roofing material that has been used for centuries. To this day, a thatched roof is a distinctive and modern eye-catcher and is very popular with many people. In fact, a thatched roof suits many different homes; whether you want to live rural or modern. It provides a unique and distinctive look to your home. In addition to its beautiful appearance, there are other reasons why you would do well to choose a thatched roof from Candur. What those benefits are, you will read below.

1. Good insulation
Candur thatched roofs consist of plastic materials, where air is trapped in the hollow spaces of the thatch and between them. This slows heat transfer and retains heat longer. By binding these fibers closely together, a Candur thatched roof has excellent insulation value. In addition, the roofs have a high degree of airtightness, preventing drafts from entering and warm air from escaping. As a result, you will enjoy a constant and pleasant temperature indoors. Your home stays nice and warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

2. Durable
Candur roofs do not absorb moisture and are therefore very easy to maintain and last for a long time. For example, an average natural thatched roof will last for 25 to 30 years and Candur much longer and you won’t have to replace it regularly. Of course, you don’t want moss or algae growth and birds and pests nesting in the roof. Those have no chance at Candur because of the plastic qualities.

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3. Cost-saving
it is so low-maintenance, you also save tremendously on maintenance costs that are required with natural reeds. Candur also has a good insulation value that is reflected in energy bills. And its excellent flame-extinguishing qualities have a positive effect on insurance premiums. Candur thatch normally sits at the same level as a tiled roof (contents and buildings).

4. Light material
Another advantage is that a thatched roof is made of very light material. Therefore, thatched roofs are a lot lighter than, say, tile or clay roofs. The lightweight thatch reduces the load on the roof structure. This also makes the roof structure last longer.

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