4x wooden guesthouse

4x wooden guesthouse

Always had the desire to create a guest house? Spending quality time with your family and friends is incredibly valuable. When they stay overnight, you want to provide them with maximum comfort. Of course, you can also rent it out as a B&B, for example. With a guesthouse from Bronkhorst in your garden, you create privacy and tranquility. In this text you can get inspiration from four projects of guesthouses. In addition, Bronkhorst will take you through different types of styles, materials and various options available with them. Bronkhorst is happy to think with you in making the best fit for you.

Custom guesthouse made of wood
Are you orienting yourself to a guest house made of wood, with all the luxury aspects that come with it? This contemporary realized guesthouse features a toilet, bathroom, outdoor kitchen, lounge area and a cozy sleeping loft in the ridge. The guest house made of wood is characterized by its pointed roof. The guesthouse is made of Douglas wood with sliding glass walls and slats which makes it a nice base in your garden. Create your own oasis of calm with a pool adjacent to your guest house. Whether you like to actively swim laps or prefer relaxing bobbing in your pool, the enjoyment continues when you get out of the water. Find peace and coolness under one of Bronkhorst’s luxury canopies and enjoy.

Luxury guesthouse made of oak
A custom guest house with a modern look and sturdy construction. With this luxury guest house, you will enjoy being outdoors in style. Starting the day invariably with a cup of coffee overlooking your beautiful garden. The dense angle in the realized design, creates an intimate atmosphere inside, without detracting from the contrast with the outside. Inside and outside are connected through the glass walls. A guest house can be expanded entirely to your own taste with all the desired comforts and luxuries such as a sauna, lounge or kitchen. What are your requirements: what does your luxury guesthouse look like?

Wooden guesthouse with veranda
Do you love to socialize and welcome guests to your home for a pleasant evening or weekend fun? Dine together, enjoy drinks late into the evening, without having to end the party early. This guesthouse characterizes itself by the oak patio cover. Oak is loved for its natural appearance. The guest house with oak porch feels like coming home. The roof of the guest house is finished with special French tiles and zinc mast gutters. Every detail has been thought about.

Having modern guesthouse built
As the evening begins and the sun sets turn on the mood lighting. Create a unique living enjoyment where high-quality appearance and elegance come together. A space that exudes tranquility. This modern guest house is a timeless design and also an extension of your garden. Integrate heaters or a fireplace. Or realize a sauna, pool or spa. Bronkhorst is happy to think with you. Every guesthouse is custom-made. Quality does not come naturally, but is a matter of course for us.

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