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5 fun things to do in a tree house

5 fun things to do in a tree house

Mààààààààààààm! We are bored! If you soon have a wooden playhouse or tree house in the garden, chances are slim that you'll hear about it. What can you do in a tree house?

1. Picnic
Give them a drink and some treats in their own playhouse and you won't see them again for a while. Even more fun to do with all the stuffed animals together!

2. Dress up clothes
With a fireman's helmet on, the playhouse is a barracks. And with a princess dress on, the kids have a castle of their own. With some dress-up clothes, help your children create their own fantasy world in their tree house or wooden playhouse.

3. Create treasure map
Give your children a box in which to put things, a large sheet of paper, pencils or markers and an assignment: think of a good hiding place and make a treasure map with the route to it. It's up to you to find the treasure at the end of the afternoon.

4. Crafts
Put pencils, coloring books and stickers in a beautiful wooden box. So they can decorate their own tree house or playhouse with the most beautiful works of art.

5. Reading
Snuggle up in a beanbag or chair in the treehouse. And a stack of books or magazines. That's all you need to be happy as a child, right?

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