5 questions for Bertrand Lejoly

5 questions for Bertrand Lejoly

Bertrand Lejoly, born in 1980, grew up in the German-speaking part of Belgium, where he was influenced by Belgian, German and French cultures from an early age.

After studying at the École supérieure des arts Saint-Luc in Liège, he gained his first professional experience as an industrial designer in Germany. This was followed by Milan, where he worked for seven years as a senior designer for Matteo Thun. He returned to Belgium in 2013 and for many years headed the design department of architect Vincent Van Duysen. In 2018, Bertrand Lejoly opened his own design studio in Antwerp. He uses his in-depth knowledge of architecture and interior design to design the complete interior design: from furniture to lighting, tableware and accessories to the new D-Neo complete bathroom series for Duravit.

Interview with Bertrand Lejoly

How important is the bathroom to you personally?
The bathroom is about expressing your own personality and creating a cozy atmosphere where you feel good: on the one hand, I want to relax there after a hard day’s work, on the other hand, it is important for me to start the day fresh early in the morning. So these two atmospheres must be cleverly combined in the bathroom. That was exactly my goal for D-Neo.

What was Duravit’s brief?
The briefing was ambitious. The collection had to be versatile and, above all, timeless. It had to not be overly polarizing, be smart and thoughtful, and appeal to a broad audience. This is the hardest assignment you can get. And at the same time, it is the most challenging. Whether D-Neo is truly timeless will only be seen later and ultimately the market itself decides, which is what makes my work so fascinating.

What is your highlight of the D-Neo series?
My favorite piece from the collection is the sink; it is the central element in the bathroom. It was therefore the starting point for the creative design process. Like a frame, the subtle, wraparound edge is the starting point for the entire series, both functionally and aesthetically. Yet each object has its own expression.

What are your main sources of inspiration?
Anything related to architecture, art and fashion inspires me greatly. But everyday things can also give me ideas.

How would you characterize D-Neo in two sentences?
D-Neo is like a partner with whom you live and who gives you all the space you need to develop your own personality. The objects form the basis, so to speak, that offers a wide range of possibilities for adapting the bathroom design to individual wishes and ideas.

www.bertrandlejoly.com / Instagram @bertrandlejoly

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