5 tips for buying steel doors

5 tips for buying steel doors

Are you thinking about steel doors? We have 5 tips for you:

Tip 1: Play with light
Light, light, light! Light gives energy, both to you and to your home. In previous blog entries, we have emphasized the importance of optimal daylighting. Slim steel doors combined with large areas of glass provide a sea of light. This applies to both interior and exterior steel doors. Daylight is your friend. Identify which dark spots in your home create a gloomy atmosphere and take action!

Tip 2: Stick to your own style
Orient yourself broadly. Follow social media channels, watch videos, create mood boards but stick to your own style. Note that buttons like “For you” or “More like this” can feed you infinitely with the same thing. I notice that some visitors to the showroom can only imagine a steel door in a 3 or 4 plane glass division. We custom make the steel doors for you and you are unique. So ask yourself, “What do I like?

Daylight is your friend. Identify which dark spots in your home create a gloomy atmosphere and take action.

Tip 3: Add color to your life
Your color choice is the finishing touch. The matte anthracite color Brooklyn Black will always convey industrial style flawlessly. This was true in the past and will always be true. Our modern bronze tones, however, are a warm alternative to black. Aged brass is the absolute top of our exclusive product range, the flamed patina is really quite chic. Spraying brass color is also possible. Or would you prefer white steel doors? Have you seen our new finish Copper Oxidation yet? In terms of colors, there are endless possibilities.

Tip 4: Determine what effect you want to achieve
With steel doors, do you want to emphasize height or just width? Do you want transparency or closed off? How will you use the doors? Are they often open and do you close them only when you want to close the room? Or are they closed by default but you want the different spaces to “communicate” with each other? Certain compartmentalizations accentuate height and others again accentuate width. Lines at chest or belly height close off and non or less transparent glass has the same effect. Can’t figure it out? No worries, we will coach your choices to the most beautiful result.

Tip 5: Come to the showroom
They used to say to me, “Look with your eyes” (in other words, stay away from it). Nonsense! Looking is also done with your hands. Quality can be seen, felt and heard. Feel and listen how the different doors close. Make a comparison between the noiseless whoosh of the pivot door, the nostalgic “click” of a lock case and the soft tap of the magnetic lock. Only in real life and with good light on it, do you see what different atmospheres the various details carry. Some details enhance the industrial atmosphere, others accentuate the minimalist design and yet another the rural look. You cannot leave this to chance. In the showroom, you can fit and measure with your senses and make a good choice.

More tips?
Let’s meet and we’ll look at your plans together.

Naftali Leidelmeijer, Exclusive Steel

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