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5x Best material garden furniture

5x Best material garden furniture

Whether you are looking for a garden set, garden table, garden chair or lounge set, the choice of material is crucial. Therefore, we have compiled a list of the best garden furniture materials to get you started! Your personal taste and style determines, of course, because all of these materials are ideally suited for outdoor use.

#5 Rattan garden furniture
Rattan has been a favorite as a material for garden furniture for many years, and we understand why! In fact, rattan gives a serene, friendly look to your garden, patio or balcony. Rattan is a fast-growing climbing plant that grows mainly in the tropical rain forests of Asia. It is a tough, pliable material that is woven into beautiful lounge garden benches or chairs.

#4 Rope garden furniture
The trend of the moment and an ideal material for garden furniture: rope. Rope is a type of thin spun rope, which consists of polypropylene fibers or acrylic. It is a sturdy synthetic or plastic material, which is specially designed for outdoor use. Often rope is combined with an aluminum frame and used especially for (lounge) garden chairs and benches. It gives an airy and light appearance to your exterior without compromising on seating comfort.

#3 Cast iron garden furniture
Cast iron is rightfully a classic in the garden furniture field. In fact, when using premium quality materials, the cast iron is practically indestructible and hard-wearing. The material is therefore often combined with hardwood planks of mahogany, for example, to ensure the longest possible life. With its timeless character and beautiful finish, cast iron garden furniture adds a rich and distinctive look to any garden.

#2 Aluminum garden furniture
In recent years, aluminum has been gaining ground on the garden furniture material front. Aluminum therefore modernizes your outdoor space without compromising atmosphere. The material comes in all shapes, sizes and colors. As a result, there is also almost always a lounge bench, garden table or garden chair to suit your needs.

#1 Teak garden furniture
Teak is a great material for garden furniture as far as we are concerned. This is because unlike other types of wood, teak contains natural oils. These oils ensure that the teak is naturally protected from the various weather conditions. In addition, you can allow teak to gray or choose to keep its traditional honey brown color. Because this material has long been a favorite, there are also many design options.

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