A concrete floor with terrazzo look? You can!

A concrete floor with terrazzo look? You can!

Concrete as a basic product can no longer be left out of today’s interior design scene, and terrazzo has also been making an appearance for some time. Now what if you combine the two styles? Exactly, then you get a rock-solid floor with a unique and aesthetic look.

And that’s what the Modish Concrete can do for your interior. Modish Concrete is a thin, intensely polished cementitious topcoat of exceptional quality. And because it has an open-cut structure, the aggregate, consisting of natural gravel, becomes visible. Behold the creation of the stylish, authentic terrazzo look. As far as we are concerned, it is the ultimate combination of two wonderful products!

This flooring system is seamless, has good chemical resistance (so no coffee, wine or ketchup stains), is wear-resistant and easy to maintain.

In what room can this floor be placed?
The cool thing about this flooring system is that it is suitable in both a living room, bedroom and kitchen due to its great features. This flooring system is also a good option for a showroom, restaurant, hotel or office.

Which design fits my interior best?
The new Modish Concrete is available in 5 different colors. What color best suits your interior, our specialists in our showrooms will be happy to help you with that. Making an appointment here can be done simply through our website. Read more about the Modish Concrete here.

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