A day of inspiration and natural beauty at domain Oogenlust

A day of inspiration and natural beauty at domain Oogenlust

On the longest day of the year, we were welcomed by The Dutch Wave to spend a day at one of the most impressive locations in our country: the Oogenlust Domain. The day was all about inspiration, networking and celebrating the special launch of the first WATT Magazine online.

Domein Oogenlust, a hidden gem in Eersel, is home to the innovative design firm The Dutch Wave, known for its unique approach to garden, landscape and biobased architecture. The hosts of the day, Martin Buijtels and Marcel van Dijk, invited us to explore the depths of this fascinating domain and immerse ourselves in the versatility of its natural splendor.

Our own Bryan Kersten and Lauran van den Bogaart had the privilege of attending this day. Martin Buijtels’ invitation to attend this inspiring event was met with enthusiasm. The opportunity to network and get inspired with like-minded people in our industry was a real treat.

The Oogenlust Estate proved to be a living canvas, where the art of gardening and landscaping is expressed in every corner and detail. Martin and Marcel took us on a journey through the estate, with each story, design and choice highlighting a different facet of their shared passion and craftsmanship. At the ensuing 24U BORREL, the festive atmosphere melted together with the launch of the first WATT Magazine online.

It was a great day and we are grateful to be able to attend such great events and discover the businesses and experiences of the visionaries in our industry!

Also check out the Linkedin post of our colleague Bryan Kersten who attended this fantastic event.

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