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A fireplace for any interior

A fireplace for any interior

If there is anything that adds atmosphere to your home, it is a fireplace. The smell of crackling wood fire with brilliant flames can create a nice atmosphere in the room. You can therefore say that a fireplace is guaranteed to bring atmosphere to the home. Even when the fire is not burning, the fireplace is a real mood enhancer for the interior. Are you looking for the ideal ambient fireplace to complete your interior? Then read on quickly.

Types of fireplaces
The range of different types of fireplaces is enormous. Not surprisingly, you’re not quite sure which fireplace you need and which one fits your needs and situation.

  • Wood-fired
    Nothing beats stoking a wood fire, the smell and crackling fire is an active way of stoking. Wood burning can be divided into two systems:

    Open wood fireplace: An open wood fireplace provides heat and brings atmosphere but has low efficiency because most of the heat is lost through the chimney directly to the outside.

    Closed wood fireplace or stove: An enclosed wood fireplace or stove provides high efficiency. The temperature inside the fireplace is much higher, making combustion optimal. This responsible way of heating is also a sustainable application.
  • Gas-fired
    If you have a need for comfort then gas firing will appeal more to you. No wood stock but a remote control that lets you enjoy a beautiful flame picture quickly and easily. Gas firing can also be divided into two systems:

    Open gas fireplace: An open gas fireplace mainly brings atmosphere with a relatively low efficiency where exhaust of combustion gases is controlled through the flue, supply of necessary combustion oxygen should be supplied through an exterior wall or ventilated crawl space or basement.

    Closed gas fireplace: An enclosed gas fireplace involves fully enclosed combustion by means of a double-acting duct. The inner channel takes care of discharging combustion gases, while the outer one takes care of supplying combustion oxygen. This is a sustainable way of heating.
  • Bio ethanol
    When there are limited or no options for flue penetration, bioethanol firing offers unlimited possibilities. Because this method of firing does not require a flue. Electronic security systems complete with remote control can even be chosen these days. Do not underestimate the heat output of this application! Depending on the fireplace in which the bioethanol burner is incorporated, the same efficiency as a gas or wood-burning fireplace can sometimes be achieved.
  • Electric fireplace
    When real fire is not the intention but the atmosphere of a hearth fire is, the electric fireplace offers the solution. There are several systems today in the form of surface or recessed, with or without a heat element.

Now is the time to gather wood for your fire. In doing so, choose clean and dry wood. In doing so, you are not harming the environment. Cleaved wood, untreated leftover wood and pressed wood are all good choices.

My favorite fireplace a tunnel fireplace
A tunnel fireplace / see-through fireplace is the perfect fireplace to use as a room divider. Do you have a large space and want to add an element that serves as separation? A great advantage of installing a tunnel fireplace as a partition instead of a cabinet or wall is the great atmosphere and warmth that a fireplace adds to your space. Or rather to two spaces. In fact, you can enjoy the fire from two sides with a tunnel fireplace. The dancing flames are visible from two different rooms and spread heat through both rooms. A tunnel fireplace comes in 3 variations, gas, wood-burning or electric.

What is the most atmospheric stove depends on your own taste. If you would like a fireplace to create a cozy, warm place in your home, choose the wood stove. It gives off a lot of heat, making it ideal for winter. If you prefer a stove that you can move and possibly put in the garden, go for a bioethanol stove. With this type of stove, you can make garden parties in summer extra atmospheric.

Small children
With small children, an open wood stove is the least safe since real fire is used. The electric fireplace is the safest because no real fire is used and you also don’t have to consider extra ventilation.

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