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A fireplace in your gasless home, what are the options?

A fireplace in your gasless home, what are the options?

The gasless home is on the rise. The desire for atmosphere and warmth remains. Therefore, many people wonder what options are available to still incorporate a fireplace into the interior. Below, we explain the various options.

Propane Gas

Even in a gasless home, you can enjoy the ambiance and warmth of a gas fire. (Bio)propane is the solution here. Such a fireplace is connected to one or more gas cylinders/tanks.

From the outside of the fireplace setup, you will not see that it is a propane gas fireplace. When setting up the fireplace, you need to consider the same factors as for the natural gas fireplace; gas piping (in this one from gas cylinders to fireplace), flue and a fireproof enclosure. If these conditions are met, you can enjoy an atmospheric gas fireplace in your gasless home as well!


The ubiquitous wood-burning fireplace is also still an option, even in newly built homes. Generally we see that here a closed device, with glass plate is used. Appliances without a glass plate are almost no longer used, partly because of lower efficiency and influence on ventilation systems. The wood fireplace can easily be used in almost any interior, from sleek modern to rustic and authentic. With wood-burning fireplaces, keep in mind that air supply is often provided by an external air supply. Due to the diversity of designs and sizes, there is always a suitable wood fireplace available.


The electric fireplace is on the rise. More and more people are choosing an electric fireplace in a new home or apartment. This is partly because it requires only an electrical outlet. A flue or supply pipe is not required. In addition, an electric fireplace does not emit heat (unless the heating module is on), making it ideal for a passive home. Due to the ever-growing range of electric fireplaces, there is a suitable fireplace for every desire and situation.


In addition to electric fireplaces, we are increasingly seeing a bioethanol in the home. Bio ethanol is the alternative to real fire and is also an environmentally conscious choice. In fact, a bioethanol fireplace burns on vegetable liquid and produces no harmful emissions, but still provides the atmosphere and warmth of real flames. A bio ethanol fireplace does not require a flue, only an electrical outlet is necessary. Bio ethanol appliances are available in a variety of designs, freestanding or built-in, making them suitable for almost any situation.

Curious about the options for a fireplace in your home? Van Tiel Haarden is happy to help. Contact us for a showroom visit and be inspired and advised.

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