A frozen moment

A frozen moment

Do you have that same thing, that you unwind in the shower? I love that. The space created in my head, as if my thoughts and fretting were washing away down the drain with the water. This space is golden, ideas flow, plans emerge.

So did the idea of looking at some of the designs of my brand Not Only White through different eyes. A basic requirement for my sinks, of course, is that it must be functional. No less important is the design. But what happens to my product when the function expires? Does the sink then still retain – in my particular case – its design value? Will the product be worthless or just an interesting object?

The initial idea was to have a sink completely encapsulated with an epoxy. Consider the size of a coffee table. But since I thought it would be more interesting to explore multiple ways of blocking function, I opted for 3 small fountains.

The different design language of the models required a different application of the epoxy each time. Thus it was only natural that the organic fountain begged for liquid movement, as if the water had spilled onto it and flowed on. The cubist fountain lent itself ideally to a large block that allowed the fountain to float, while at the same time forcing the water, as it were, from outside to inside through the drain. And finally, the slightly rounded fountain called for a connection between inside and outside. Adding a drop of light blue to the epoxy makes it look like there really is water in the container and you want to touch it anyway.

With this experimental series, the function is gone. The water is there though. Like a frozen moment. Time to pause for a moment yourself.

The series can be seen in an exhibition at the Kazerne in Eindhoven until spring 2021.

Kazerne – Home of Design and the photographer Ruud Balk

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