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A good night’s sleep, Berden has the solution

A good night’s sleep, Berden has the solution

Regardless of whether you've had a busy day, a good night's sleep is always important. That way you can start the new day with full energy. When you have a poor night's sleep, you are more likely to be irritable, less able to concentrate and you may also be somewhat dejected. Therefore, good sleep is very important, Berden living & sleeping has an extensive range of beds , box springs , mattresses and bed bases that aid in a good night's sleep. We have also highlighted some of these products for you, appropriate for the most common sleep problems.

Snoring is sleep problem number one, millions of people in the Netherlands snore. This can vary from occasional snoring to always and heavily snoring. This is often a harmless problem, but when your partner is bothered by your snoring then it is a real problem. Research has shown that a snoring partner is bad for your own health. In your case, this can lead to difficulty concentrating, headaches and fatigue.

The Auping Smart base bed base has an anti-snoring function, this prevents snoring. With this smart bed base, your partner no longer has to lie awake when you snore. This ingenious system from Auping works like this; when you or your partner snore, the headboard automatically raises a bit. This allows you and your partner to sleep soundly and stops snoring. The Auping Smart base consists of an adjustable Auping spiral base and Auping Connect. The device attaches under the bed base and is controlled via an app on your phone or tablet. Through app the number of decibels are measured. When measuring decibels related to snoring, the back section of the bed base moves briefly or the headboard is raised slightly. With this small adjustment, the person snoring turns around. The airways are opened slightly, facilitating breathing and stopping snoring.

The Auping Smart base can be integrated on any Auping bed or box spring.

Cold feet in bed ranks #2 among sleep problems. This problem occurs mainly in autumn and winter, especially in women. Cold feet but also cold hands can make you sleep worse. When you sleep, hands and feet actually get warmer and the rest of the body gets colder. When your feet remain cold, this process is actually hindered and your body remains in the "waking" state, making it worse to fall asleep.

Avek has the solution for this, namely the Avek foot heater. A foot heater is integrated into all of Avek's mattresses and top mattresses. You can easily control this foot heater by means of an included wireless remote control, with this you can set the desired temperature. The mattress is nice and warm within 5 minutes, and the foot heater automatically turns off after 15 or 30 minutes.

Back problems or back pain can also seriously disrupt your sleep. With back pain, sleeping can become difficult, sleeping through is virtually impossible. When you suffer from acute or chronic back pain, severe sleep problems are caused in the long run. These back pains can come from not having a good mattress. A mattress should provide good comfort and support. When you have a good mattress, you can enjoy a good night's sleep without back pain.

Thus, Tempur mattress es mold completely to your body. As a result, you adopt a natural sleeping position yourself, the tension of your back and neck muscles are reduced as a result. The mattress supports your entire body and the pressure exerted on your body is evenly distributed throughout the mattress. Whereby your back relaxes completely and you wake up fully rested.

Would you like to visit one of our Berden Sleep stores? Can you easily make an appointment with one of our sleep experts. It is also possible to make an appointment in one of our Auping stores. You can choose from the Auping stores in; Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Ede, Uden, Maastricht or Venlo.

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