A manual- or an automated gate?

A manual- or an automated gate?

A choice which can be made based on individual needs where convenience plays a major role!

People often leave a gate open because of the inconvenience of having to close the gate manually; perhaps automating the gate is a good choice. The gate motor allows the gate to open and close automatically easily and quickly. With a handheld transmitter, the gate can be opened or closed, and with today’s technology, opening by means of a GSM module or through an intercom are also among the possibilities.

The higher the opening frequency of the gate, the more convenience you will experience from a gate automation!!!

Various types
There are several types of gate automation available; the choice of a gate automation depends on the weight/model of the gate and the space available for your gate.

It is important to get good advice in this!

A choice can be made between above-ground automation, where the motors are placed on the back of the gate wings, and underground automation, where built-in boxes are placed in the ground containing the motors.

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