A new era begins: Leo passes the torch to Olivier

A new era begins: Leo passes the torch to Olivier

Since Jan. 30, 2023, Olivier has been at the helm with Leo. Now it is time for Leo to let go of the steering wheel.

Love of craftsmanship as a motif
Olivier on his background: “My father owns several tank and plant engineering companies specializing in the design, construction, maintenance and inspection of environmentally hazardous materials storage facilities. Through working at the various companies and my studies in mechanical engineering, the passion for engineering and for craftsmanship was born.” Coming from an installation engineering background, Olivier is used to providing a unique, specific solution for each customer: “The beauty of that profession was that no day was the same. These are exactly the values I hold dear at Exclusive Steel: customization, flexibility and personal attention.”

Old values, new energy
Olivier on Leo: “I have learned an awful lot from Leo over the past few months. He can be demanding as a mentor, but he also gives a sincere compliment at the right moments. I understand what is at stake: the legacy of Exclusive Steel must be continued professionally.” Olivier continued: “I learned from Leo that the showroom should remain dynamic. He always put a lot of time and energy into renewing the showroom to constantly inspire customers. I want to continue these important values with new energy.”

New: Wednesday shopping night until 9 p.m.
Starting this month, we are introducing a new shopping night in our showroom. Until now, we had no options for late-night visitors, but we have decided to expand our evening opening hours to serve you even better. Wednesday evening is the perfect opportunity to stop by after work and get some quiet inspiration. You will then have plenty of time to check out the latest steel trends, ask for advice and take a look around the steel workshop. We are happy to offer you an extra evening and hope to see you soon at our new shopping night!

New: open1st Saturday of the month
From now on, our showroom will be open only on the first Saturday of the month from 10:00 am – 4:00 pm. We made the decision based on our observations that our customers often use their Saturdays differently, such as exercising, running errands or doing chores. By making this change, we hope to better align the availability of our showroom with the needs and wants of our customers.

Why you really want to come along
The end result is not only what you see but also the story behind it: how it is made, who does it and with what materials. In a restaurant, the open kitchen allows you to see which chef makes your dish, how he does it and what ingredients he uses. We have implemented that principle: from our showroom you can look into the steel workshop and even walk around our “open kitchen. Having met the craftsmen who make your doors will give you more confidence in the end result. Your appreciation grows for the craftsmanship that adds value.

Let’s meet! I am happy to make time for you. Through our online calendar, you can easily make an appointment at a time that is convenient for you.

Naftali Leidelmeijer, Exclusive Steel

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