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A total concept to realize your interior design dreams

A total concept to realize your interior design dreams

Visit one of Abitare's showrooms (Geel, Brasschaat, Bonheiden) and new living goals and dreams will spontaneously bubble up. Inspiration gets new stimuli. Undoubtedly, you get the urge to do work on your ultimate interior design.

Be guided by our interior designers and subject matter experts. Our interior designers advise, put together mood boards, shape your living desires and reach out to you for a unique custom dream interior. Its concrete realization? That is in the hands of our subject matter experts. Accurate, polyvalent and tidy: that's how we know them. Light and shade, extra sense of space, climate-friendly window coverings, integrated home automation and your preferred fabrics and materials everywhere. We take care of that.

Discover this unique approach to interior design in a home decorated from top to toe: Studio22, a complete living space experience (showroom Geel). Make an appointment, and we will have all the time we need. A large overall project or one room you want to completely redecorate? Creating a cozy corner in a room or using accessories to add much-needed accents to your home? From us you will always get an interior tailored to your needs.

View ABITARE beautiful living projects here

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