A wooden bar cabinet in the kitchen

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Bar furniture is increasingly seen in the most diverse forms: high, low, long, short, I-, L- or U-shaped, in wood, plastic or metal… What all bar furniture has in common, however, is the conviviality it creates when you enjoy a glass with friends at your own bar.

At the Bosbeke, we have already incorporated several pieces of bar furniture into our custom kitchens. But why choose to have your own bar counter in your kitchen? Discover the benefits in this blog post!

Customized bar furniture

A custom-made kitchen represents complete freedom, both in terms of layout and look-and-feel, you don’t have to compromise. Only your tastes and wishes count.

One of the components that we are increasingly seeing in our kitchen designs is solid wood bar furniture. With your own bar, then, you bring the coziness of a pub visit with friends into your home. Besides, it doesn’t have to be expensive at all and fits into almost any kitchen: large, small, modern or classic.

Why a bar cabinet in your kitchen?

No idea why you should choose a bar cabinet in your new kitchen? Imagine for a moment this situation: you are cooking in the kitchen, while your guests are having aperitifs in the living room. In many cases, you are not in contact with your guests at that time, if at all. With a bar in your kitchen, involve your guests in your cooking as early as the aperitif.

Or another situation: the kids urgently need to do some homework while you prepare dinner. You obviously want to help the children with their tasks as well as secretly check that they are working with concentration. Then let them do their homework at the bar counter in the kitchen.

Moreover, a bar is the ideal solution for a smaller kitchen. After all, it takes up much less space than a kitchen table. That way, you make sure that even in a small kitchen you can bring people together or create a dining area. Finally, determine the look and decor of your bar.

Consider bar furniture when renovating your kitchen

When you’re about to choose a new kitchen or renovate your old one, it’s also the perfect time to consider matching bar furniture. During renovations, you can easily provide piping for a new bar.

Would you rather choose a simple piece of furniture, without a sink? You can, of course, and that involves less planning. What is often done in this case is to put the kitchen island and bar furniture together. Here, the cook of the house keeps in touch with his or her guests even more easily.

Some final tips for your new bar

Consider that a custom bar cabinet can ensure that you make the best use of the available space. A piece of furniture can be incorporated perfectly into a free corner. Thus, everything fits together completely. Moreover, our solid oak is perfect for a bar cabinet. After all, it creates a warm atmosphere in the kitchen, and what’s more, you choose the finish. In fact, at the Bosbeke, we treat our custom-made furniture with a quality oil, the color of which you choose.

Do you have a kitchen with limited space, but still want a dining table? Then choose a bar. For example, do you possess a narrow space? Then a bar counter along one wall may be the solution. If you have to choose between a kitchen island or a dining table, perhaps you can combine the two by attaching a bar cabinet to the kitchen island!

Finally, a bar can be an ideal solution for that quick bite. Think of a kitchen with a typical American look, to which breakfast is quickly eaten in the morning. So not only will you save space, a bar cabinet is also practical!

Custom wooden bar furniture at the Bosbeke

Are you convinced that a bar cabinet can’t be missing from your new kitchen? Then stop by the Bosbeke. Our design team is happy to listen to your needs for a custom-made piece of furniture.

Please contact de Bosbeke for a customized proposal without obligation.

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