Advies, begeleiding en hulp leiden tot droomwoning

Advies, begeleiding en hulp leiden tot droomwoning

“You have big plans for your home. A complete renovation and a completely new interior. On HOOG, Instagram and Pinterest you search for photos of accessories, living styles and interior solutions that appeal to you. But there are so many beautiful interiors on the internet. You will be flooded with information. How do you see the forest for the trees? How do you ensure that your new interior really becomes your interior? That the atmosphere really matches your wishes and that it forms a beautiful whole? Where do you start

With a complete renovation you can of course choose to go to a beautiful kitchen store for your kitchen, to a bathroom store for your bathroom and furthermore you choose a beautiful parquet floor and a few pieces of furniture. Every room is furnished and meets your taste. But does it all fit together? Or is it a nice house with nice things? Is there a pleasant atmosphere in the home or is it a collection of beautiful things? My tip is to hire a (team of) professional (s) who will guide you, advise you and can add the important details to your home through experience so that the overall picture is right. Specialists who think along about good routing, give advice about the layout and help with the right colors, materials and styling.

Also, only get started when there is a clear plan that you fully support. Doesn’t it feel right? Then don’t hesitate to go to another party. After every conversation with your architect or interior architect you must have a good feeling in my eyes. I sometimes hear stories that after a year of contact with a specialist people still don’t have a clear plan on the table. That’s impossible? My advice: go to another party and certainly do not start with the first steps of a renovation. If you buy a table and you no longer like it after a year, that is a waste of money, but it is manageable. However, if you start a thorough renovation without a clear plan, it is much more expensive and sometimes even impossible to repair things.

If you spend ten percent of your total budget on advice and guidance, I am sure that you end up cheaper than if you started the project without a specialist. Because you know for sure that you are buying the right materials and furniture in the right places, that your budget and planning are being monitored and that a professional keeps the overall overview. But in addition to the financial picture, the final overall picture must also be correct. A home where the story is true. A customized interior. As I said before, a house with nice things does not have to be a nice house. Matching furniture, materials and colors together is often still underestimated, while you achieve a perfect whole. There are also specialists who can help you for this important part of the process.

The conclusion? Don’t just look blindly at a nice kitchen or sofa, but think through it. Think further. Get advice, make a plan and get started together to realize your dream house. A home that fits and forms a unity. “

Bertram Beerbaum is partner / general manager of Kabaz, concepts in comfort. A very renowned Goois (interior) architectural firm. Especially for he regularly provides a column about living, building and living at a high level. Bertram is a designer of everything that has to do with living and you may know him as a designer, presenter and jury member in various media such as Huisjacht and the program “Your own dream house”.

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