Aluminum canopy with glass doors: year-round comfort

Aluminum canopy with glass doors: year-round comfort

An aluminum canopy with glass is a very popular way to cover the patio these days. With its sleek appearance and high-quality materials, an aluminum canopy with glass makes it easy to enjoy the outdoors. From early spring to late fall.

One option commonly chosen in this regard is glass walls. With the flexible, glass walls, you easily transform a canopy into an attractive garden room. Wind-free and comfortable. In this blog, we will tell you more about the comfort of glass walls and what options are available.

The benefits
The power of glass walls under your aluminum canopy with glass, is in its flexibility. Thanks to the subtly integrated and smoothly operating mechanisms, you can easily slide the glass panels away. Thus, you set the comfort of the garden room to your own liking. When the glass panels are closed it means comfort wind-free sitting in a warm place. All while maintaining your view of the garden.

When you open the glass panels, fresh air flows in easily. Comfortable during the hot summer months, as well as with warm spring and fall days. Is it cooling off in the evening and you want to retain the heat? With a smooth motion, you slide the glass walls closed.

Sliding glass walls come in different types. Each glass wall can be pushed away into a compact package. When you choose walls that can also rotate, this package is even more compact. This is how you open your aluminum canopy with glass to the maximum. In our extensive showroom in Ede all options are on display and you can experience the possibilities for yourself.

Building Blocks
Still unsure about glass walls or want to spread the investment over a longer period of time? That’s not a problem. When you choose an aluminum canopy with glass Van van Ee, thanks to our clever system, you can still choose glass walls later. Thus, your canopy slowly expands into a full-fledged garden room. Now that is real enjoyment!

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