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An exclusive and timeless bathroom? Then you choose ByCOCOON

An exclusive and timeless bathroom? Then you choose ByCOCOON

It is perhaps one of the most used rooms in your home: the bathroom. No wonder, then, that a stylish and comfortable bathroom is very important to many people. There you prepare for work, or relax after a long day. Caza is happy to help you find your perfect bathroom. Are you looking for a bathroom where you can completely unwind? You take a moment to reflect and inspiration starts flowing? Then a bathroom from ByCOCOON is really for you.

Exclusive plumbing bycocoon
A bathroom has long since ceased to be just a functional space, but rather a place to retreat and fully relax.

The exclusive ByCOCOON bathroom products, with their simple design and elegant appearance, are designed to help you do exactly that. The designs are timeless and actually only get more beautiful with age. The use of durable materials ensures that a bathroom from ByCOCOON will last for years.

Studio Piet Boon Collection
A beautiful, exclusive product line has been created in collaboration with Studio Piet Boon. This collection includes natural stone bathtubs and sinks, drawer cabinets, shower sets and ByCOCOON faucets. Only high-quality natural materials have been used and the designs are powerful in their simplicity. The functionality of the products was not lost sight of. You can see symmetry in the designs every time, for example in the unique faucets or the built-in handles. The Piet Boon collection is available at Caza in the various colors of Piet Boon's color palette. This collection transforms any bathroom into an elegant space where relaxation is key.

John Pawson Collection
World-renowned designer John Pawson is known for his minimalist style.

This fit seamlessly with ByCOCOON's vision, and from that a beautiful collaboration was born. This exclusive collection also focuses on simplicity and symmetry. The designs use perfect geometric shapes and the latest technology. Such as NANO anti-fingerprint coating and water-saving systems. At Caza you will find the collection in the elegant colors Brushed Inox, Brushed Gold and Dark Grey. This ByCOCOON plumbing collection further consists of solid natural stone bathtubs and sinks, made from different types of high-quality natural stone. This way, every bathroom has its own unique look and you will turn your bathroom into a real home spa. Discover the ByCOCOON plumbing collection in our unique studio.

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