“Art and Inspiration: A Day of Experience at NOA Outdoors”

“Art and Inspiration: A Day of Experience at NOA Outdoors”

A unique event that brought together design, nature and art took place in the heart of Belgium on June 14. NOA Outdoor, an inspiration park that combines outdoor living and design, hosted the “Art and Inspiration” event. This day was a symphony of stimulating conversations, budding ideas and the beauty of the outdoors.

NOA Outdoor is no ordinary outdoor venue, but a total experience park where more than 30 partners join forces to inspire visitors with a variety of garden designs. The venue is designed as a green oasis that offers a realistic, inspiring look at what is possible in terms of garden design and outdoor living.

Inspiring program

The event opened with a brief introduction of NOA Outdoor by Catherine Degreef, who highlighted the company’s mission and vision. Then Pablo van der Lugt, of the AMS Institute – TU Delft, took the floor to discuss the importance of sustainable and biobased building. The day ended with Arne Deruyter sharing his passion for landscapes and creating organic gardens.

Presence of HIGH.design

Sofie Bakkers, responsible for architects at HOOG.design in the Netherlands and Belgium, was one of the attendees at the event. About her experience, she said, “Being immersed in a world where outdoor living is combined with art that blends into the environment in a special way, and that with radiant weather and a top-notch ambiance, makes a visit to NOA inspiring all around.”

Lauran van den Bogaart, Country Director Belgium at HOOG.design, was also deeply impressed by the event. He called it “art in an inspiring environment.”

Where dreams become real

In short, the “Art and Inspiration” event embodied the essence of NOA Outdoor: creating a space where people can dream and be inspired by the possibilities of outdoor living. With a diversity of partners and the platform for sharing innovative concepts, NOA Outdoor continues to be a source of inspiration for both private and corporate customers.

For more information about NOA Outdoor visit the profile on our page here or the NOA website and check out upcoming events here. Here you can discover more about the visionary world of NOA Outdoor, and how they strive to take outdoor space to a whole new level.

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