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Art & Design through the eyes of: Chris Tap

Art & Design through the eyes of: Chris Tap

That we at Nu Art & Design believe that art and interior design are inseparable is no secret. But how do artists actually see that relationship? What impact does it have on their work and what is it like to then present art in our gallery? Now Art & Design asked them in this brand new inspiration series: ‘Art & Design through the eyes of….’ This time we take a look with visual artist Chris Tap. He experienced an incredible “wow” effect when he entered our gallery.

Chris Tap has been fascinated by animals, especially large predators, since a young age. From his father, artist Wim Tap, he inherited a love of art and sculpture. In his work, Chris has combined both passions: in often life-size sculptures made of bronze or marble composite, he captures the strength and suppleness of animals to perfection.

How did you get in touch with Nu Art & Design?
‘Micky Hoogendijk [visual artist and also featured in the gallery, ed.] is a dear friend of mine. She asked me to work with her and Nu Art & Design.

What do you present at Nu Art & Design?
‘There is a life-size sculpture of a bull by me in the beautifully decorated space of Nu Art & Design, and a smaller bull for someone who can’t afford to lose such a large size. Also on display in the gallery is a life-size sculpture of a lion’s head.

Why did you choose to present your work at Nu Art & Design?
‘I initially had a very pleasant feeling with Ria and Peter when they came to my Elswout estate for a studio visit. Then I also met Paul and Monique. I also liked that very much. I was completely won over by the quality of Ria, she decorated the gallery with taste and world class.

In what ways does Nu Art & Design inspire you?
‘It’s very special to see your work in such an insanely beautiful space. Colors I’ve seen at Nu Art & Design inspire me to experiment with new materials.’

Where does the inspiration for your work come from?
“The starting point for my work is always nature.

What kind of space would you prefer to see your work back in? “I can’t imagine a better place than Nu Art & Design, everything is right about this space thanks to Ria’s incredible expertise.

Curious about the work of Chris Tap? You can find it in our gallery. Or take a peek at the online depot. If you have any questions about his art or are interested in any of his works, please feel free to contact us! We are happy to help you.

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