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Art & Design through the Eyes of Paul Bik

Art & Design through the Eyes of Paul Bik

That we at Nu Art & Design believe that art and interior design are inseparable is no secret. But how do artists actually see that relationship? Nu Art & Design was recently allowed to display Paul Bik's beautiful reliefs in the gallery. Of course we want to know more about his work. He is happy to tell us about it.

"The art I make is personal, it mainly reflects who I am.

He himself says his work is influenced by minimalism, with a mockery of the Italian spatialism of Luciano Fontana, for example. You may know that painter who tackled his canvas with a knife instead of a brush. The tears he cut into the canvas produced a 3D painting as simple as it was impressive.

We also think of Bik's work in terms of the psychedelic design so popular in the 1970s. But the reliefs look calmer, much calmer. Probably because his use of color is so different from those years, when bright yellow, orange, green and brown dominated. Paul Bik's monochrome works have a very different, more balanced effect.


Geometric and organic
In seeking harmony in his compositions, the artist relies entirely on his intuition. To describe them, he likes to use the language of mathematics. It is a special combination: 'I am sure that I cannot work completely geometric, I also need the freedom to explore organic forms. I look for the perfect balance between these two forms. If I can visualize that, adding an expressive 'finishing touch,' my work is finished. I feel that point well myself, peace comes over me then.'

'As a little boy, I went to galleries and museums a lot with my parents. I could spend hours browsing art books. I've been drawing for as long as I can remember.

Still, Bik chose to study psychology. After graduation, he entered the fashion industry, an adventure that lasted more than 15 years. He then took courses in interior design. He moved to Milan and found work in a design studio. Nice, but not nice enough. In his spare time, he picked up drawing again. He also began to cut and paste. During this time, his first reliefs were created.

Long and winding road
The road to his artistry was certainly not straight, but, says Bik, "I think I needed this road to get where I am today. Without those experiences, my art certainly would have looked different. Over time, my technique has changed quite a bit. I started with fragile, fairly flat reliefs made from thin, handmade paper. They were delicate, small works. Now my work looks more robust. I work more space-creating. My style is more pronounced and therefore more powerful.'

His work as an interior designer and his love of architecture can be seen in his compositions. Bik builds the structure of his paintings very precisely. He manually cuts the shapes, polishes the parts and takes care of each element. In his compositions, he always seeks harmony. That harmony is interrupted only in one place by a minor dissonance. Such a disruptive element is important to the artist; it gives something human to his work.

'That has grown so much, I now allow myself to make my work less perfect. I finish my compositions with more 'dirt.'

Bik combines a matte finish with a gloss, he stains the surface of the painting with pigments, he lets the paint create blemishes and spots. Thus he emphasizes contrast: meticulous, precise craftsmanship versus artistic gesture and intuitive expression.

There are two cities very important to Bik: "Warsaw, where I was born, and Milan, where I now live. Both cities were completely destroyed in World War II, and rebuilt in modernist style. Modernism has always surrounded me and plays a big role in everything I do. This architecture eliminates all decoration and concentrates on the aesthetics of harmony and the rhythm of repeating elements, the perfect balance of arches and straight lines. This is reflected in my work.

Paul Bik and Nu Art & Design
We are proud to display these extraordinary reliefs by Paul Bik in our gallery. The artist is also pleased with the collaboration: "The paintings purchased by visitors do not end up in a sterile, empty space, but become part of their interior. I am very happy when my paintings can dialogue with different spaces. Both in minimalist and eclectic interiors, both in modern and classically decorated spaces.

"Nu Art & Design has an extraordinary sense of that. The unique combinations of design and art on display in the gallery inspire me in turn."

Interested in learning more about Paul Bik's work? If so, please feel free to contact us. Right now our gallery is closed, but Nu Art & Design continues. We can show you around our showroom via video call and are also happy to come to your home.

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