Atelier Jongerius opens its doors in 2022

Atelier Jongerius opens its doors in 2022

Where the Strijbeekseweg makes a turn, on the spot where there used to be a garden center, where nature calls you to pause for the moment, there on that spot you are welcomed with open arms and step into the wonderful world of flowers, plants and natural accessories. That place will awaken your senses, inviting you to surround yourself with nature’s gifts, honor moments and celebrate life.
Welcome to Atelier Jongerius.

A master floral designer, Paul Jongerius has been creating unique concepts with his styling for more than 20 years. His signature is warm, generous and grand. He creates something that can hardly be put into words and that you can continue to look at in wonder. Deep down, there had long been a desire for a place of its own, where people could buy beautiful flowers and plants, where workshops were given and where you could enjoy a delicious cup of coffee with something tasty in the greenhouse or outside on the long bench. With your face in the sun and your gaze focused on the tall trees of the Mastbos or the turrets of De Klokkenberg and the twittering of the birds in the meadow, you find yourself momentarily in the now. And actually you have no idea that you are so close to Breda.

Atelier Jongerius is located near the Mark Valley, where the stream the Mark meanders through the landscape. The old greenhouses have been transformed and now accommodate a large counter where you can have the most beautiful bouquets composed, buy special plants and accessories and celebrate precious moments. The old burgundy barn doors were replaced with clear glass facades, connecting the line of sight from front to back, outside to inside. The details have been preserved, the stones have been cleaned, the space has opened up to beautiful moments and the place lays its warm wings around you. 28,000 Tiles have been repurposed, forming the wall that encloses the entire studio. They form the long benches where you can sit, old stones with history, over which many footsteps have walked, tiles with a story.

“Here you can celebrate precious moments.”

In the spring of 2022, Atelier Jongerius will open its doors and the studio will be open several days a week. The studio is a place where creativity flows, where the love of flowers is expressed in everything. Paul Jongerius: “There is always something to celebrate and every flower in a bouquet is unique. Every season has its own rhythm, color and beauty. That’s the beauty of our seasons here in the Netherlands. And yes, a new story is unfolding, and I look forward to working with my team to create something very special. You are most welcome!”

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