Bathroom trends

Bathroom trends

By Esther van der Weerden, product designer and interior designer at B DUTCH.

As a product designer at B DUTCH, together with Luciën van de Ven, owner and designer of B DUTCH, I am especially busy discovering innovative new materials. I also follow artists in many fields and look at the work of inspiring architects. I take inspiration from this for our own collection with which we hope to set a new trend ourselves in a few years. And we are succeeding quite well, if I do say so myself.

It does take some time for such a new concept to finally hit the market. This has to do with the purchase of new machines, adjustments in terms of production techniques and expansion of production capacity in our plant. For example, the plant in Cuijk is currently being expanded with a ceramics department, which will allow us to start producing the new bathroom design concepts we developed two years ago. I guarantee you: that will totally become the trend for the next few years.

Bathroom trends 2022
2022 suggests that a bathroom trend lasts only one year. At B DUTCH, we like to keep our designs and concepts timeless and high-end. We choose durable quality materials and attach great importance to perfect workmanship. A B DUTCH bathroom should remain beautiful through the years. But over the years, specific trends in bathrooms can certainly be discovered.

Anno 2022, I see the following trends in bathrooms:

Eye-catchers in the bathroom
Whether it’s a large bathroom cabinet, a beautiful solitary bathtub or a huge mirror, one stunning item that pops out will give your entire bathroom that accent that makes it something very special, something unique. At B DUTCH, we call it the WOW factor that should still give that same feeling 20 years from now.

Organic forms
In addition to clean lines, the B DUTCH collection has also featured beautiful organic shapes for many years. This is in high demand right now. The top material solid surface Corian allows us to create these organic shapes. A complete department was set up in our factory for this purpose seven years ago. The organic shapes are seen in various collections of our sinks, basins and bathtubs.

Unity of color with surprising materials
Working with beautiful surprising and different materials is totally the trend of today and in my opinion will only get stronger. Different materials in a bathroom, but clearly with a balanced unity in color use. It is wonderful to see how the tile collection, for example, has evolved in recent years. Most visitors to our factory showroom hardly believe they are tiles. And our bathroom furniture is also available in a variety of materials and in beautiful contemporary colors. This allows us to create a complete luxury designer bathroom with a beautiful variety of materials yet a balanced unity of color. And that color: it may be warm again anno 2022.

Natural materials
Working with natural materials suits B DUTCH. B DUTCH designs have been characterized for many years by the use of oak and walnut wood sprayed in various colors. In addition, stone and marble as a new classic style are all the rage, albeit in a modern version: strong and durable porcelain with a marble and stone effect.

People are increasingly choosing sustainable products these days. At B DUTCH, we are constantly looking for sustainable materials. Thus, we have developed a new collection with a material that is indistinguishable from real wood or real marble. The benefits are unprecedented. And in addition to the materials being much more durable, the cost is also lower.

B DUTCH’s new design collections incorporating these innovative materials are currently being further developed. A few examples can already be admired in our factory showroom. These materials will forever change the bathroom products of the future.

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