Beneath the slender lines lies the strength of steel

Beneath the slender lines lies the strength of steel

The fragile lines put you on the wrong track for a moment. Once you hold an Exclusive Steel door in your hands, you feel the power of steel.

Slim, slim, slim!
Optimal daylight entry enhances your living enjoyment. Light penetration can be increased by keeping the lines of the steel as slim as possible. Through continuous experimentation in design and fabrication, we create the slimmest profiles while ensuring robust quality.

As high as possible
The slim steel facades with lots of glass, have a huge impact on the experience of space. The more light that comes in, the larger the room looks. Choose the highest possible solution. Let the sunshine pour in.

Narrow profiles, large dimensions
We select the most suitable profiles for your project to create maximum light. Our team always asks, ” What is the strongest and leanest solution? The welded joints give great rigidity to the elements. This makes it possible for steel exterior doors to span relatively large dimensions with narrow insulated profiles.

Attention is our craft
The slimmer the profiles, the more attention they require from the craftsman. During welding, tension is put on the slender steel. The craftsmen accurately secure the profiles on their work table before stitching the joints. Were they not careful to do so, the steel would warp. We put a lot of time into your project.

The steel workshop
Every time I walk through the workshop, I get good spirits. The steel workshop is nice and light. It could easily have been built around 1900, every detail correct. The men of steel love working in this fine place. You can see that in the end result. From nice work, comes good work!

What’s on display in the showroom?
Our showroom and workshop might be better characterized as an industrial exhibition that stimulates your imagination and creativity. Want to know in advance what to expect? Visit us virtually first via this link. With a few clicks you are in the middle of the showroom full of steel doors.

Let’s meet! I am happy to make time for you. Through our online calendar, you can easily make an appointment at a time that is convenient for you.

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