Brass doors

Brass doors

We and his wife had already discussed every detail of the sliding doors when he says, “But I don’t want the doors in a brass color, I want them made of real brass. He surprises me. I just told before that the brass version is twice as expensive.

Brass: more exclusive than steel

We are always looking for the best solution for you. Stylish design that allows your home to stand out. The brass door is a gem in our exclusive product range. Why is a brass door twice as expensive as its steel half-brother? Our custom product consists of 70% labor and 30% material. The factor of two applies to both items in the case of brass. The profiles are twice as expensive and twice as much work goes into a brass façade. A steel profile is sprayed with paint after processing (sawing, welding, grinding and sanding). With that, the finish is even. A brass profile is not sprayed. Thus, processing should not leave “scars” on the surface. This takes a lot of time and attention. In addition, brass doors are invisibly reinforced. How? Well, that’s the blacksmith’s secret … literally.

To age or not to age?

When the brass façade is ready on the worktable, one more important decision awaits us: are we going to age or not? In this condition, the brass doors have a golden sheen. With use, a natural patina layer will appear on the doors over time. This process can be accelerated by aging the doors with four treatments. This process is as follows;

Aging in four steps

The first step is to thoroughly clean the doors. Then the aging agent is applied evenly. This treatment causes the brass profiles to turn completely brown. Now the doors are polished to the final result. We do this together with you. Polishing for too long will return the doors to the gold color we started with. If polished too short, the doors will remain too brown. So you have to say, “stop, this is the way I like the finish best! After this (step 3), the doors are preserved with a special agent. Finally, we wax the doors. Now you can enjoy brass doors with a beautiful flamed patina.

We make your home more stylish

Every product from Exclusive Steel is an eye-catcher, but the brass façade is an outlier. Do you like stylish and exclusive? Want to get ahead of the trend? We make your home more stylish with brass doors. Let’s meet in the showroom.

Naftali Leidelmeijer, Exclusive Steel

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