Brilliant White: the new gem of the NEWstairs Collection

Brilliant White: the new gem of the NEWstairs Collection

NEWstairs stair renovation is launching a brand new stair decor this spring: NEWstairs Brilliant White. The name kind of gives it away, the transfer steps of this decor are bright white and even in color. A durable color choice that will last a lifetime.

White combines
If you like to use a lot of color in the interior, NEWstairs Brilliant White is just right for you. Since the stair color is all white, it is perfect to combine with different colors and living styles. In addition, stair decor gives a calm look to the hallway or living room and creates a spacious feeling.

To give a personal twist to the Brilliant White, it is possible to combine it with the different risers. For example, combine the white stair decor with NEWstairs Stainless Steel risers. This is how a white staircase becomes a special eye-catcher!

Sustainable choice
Often the interior does change over the years. Today’s interior design trends look very different from those of a few years ago. Brilliant White is a stable base for the hallway. The color of the walls or floor can easily be changed, while the staircase retains its current state. All NEWstairs stair decors are scratch and wear resistant, this makes the stairs maintenance free and will last a lifetime.

Create space
A white interior creates space. Whether the staircase is in the living room, hallway or another room. By having the stairs renovated in white, the room appears visually larger and brighter. Ideal for a narrow hallway or a staircase that faces the living room.

Go for stair lighting
Complete the picture? Then pair the Brilliant White with NEWstairs stair lighting for an extra fresh result.

The stair lighting can be connected to a sensor, which turns on when motion is detected. The staircase is literally put in the spotlight and there is always light on the stairs or in the hall.

Another staircase renovation in NEWstairs Brilliant White?
Can you see the Brilliant White shining all over your hallway or living room? NEWstairs is happy to come by for a no-obligation consultation and more information about the brand new stair decor.

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