Bring rhythm into your interior with OWAcolor®.

Bring rhythm into your interior with OWAcolor®.

When you think of the ceiling, your first thought will most likely be white. For such a large and dominant area, it is a logical choice: white is safe, clean and neutral. Still, a colored ceiling can give a unique feel to the room and even be an eye-catcher. With the seamless, acoustic OWAplan® you are assured of the best acoustics, in any color you desire.

Colored ceiling: to be or not to be?
Determining the color of your ceiling is a strategic choice. Color has a big impact on the size of the room. Do you have a high ceiling? Then a colored ceiling can make the room more cozy. For a low ceiling, a light color is more favorable because it makes the ceiling appear higher. Together with the colors of the walls, you play with the atmosphere of the room.

A personal touch with OWAcolor®.
OWAplan® acoustic spray painting can be applied in almost any color. It is also possible to create planes and color combinations. Let your creativity run wild and design the most unusual and surprising room concepts. This way you can add a personal touch to any space.

World-class acoustics, now available for luxury residential construction
Developed in collaboration with leading architects, OWAplan® is used worldwide in luxury offices and high-end hotels, museums and universities. Today, OWAplan®, with its A-class absorption value of 0.90 (αw), is therefore not to be missed in the luxury home segment.

Combine texture and color for the ultimate result
OWAplan® spray painting looks like stucco, so it blends in seamlessly with the rest of your interior. Here you choose from two structures: fine and extra fine. If you choose extra fine, you choose an almost smooth surface. In combination with OWAcolor® you make a real eye-catcher of your ceiling.

Visit and easily request a free sample. Did you know that OWA also offers acoustic measurements? The OWA specialist will visit you on site to carry out an acoustic measurement and, based on the result, offer customised advice.

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