Bronkhorst presents a new design style: elegant, exclusive and groundbreaking

Bronkhorst presents a new design style: elegant, exclusive and groundbreaking

After more than a year and a half of development, Bronkhorst is proud to present “the latest style trend” in the market. A generous and elegant design characterized by its generous overhang. Bronkhorst is a recognized specialist in the design and realization of luxury custom outdoor enclosures. “Our strength lies mainly in the combination of advice, design and project supervision,” said Gert Klaassen, general manager at Bronkhorst. “This new design style and way we present ourselves is a big step forward.” Bronkhorst is only too happy to reclaim its position as a forerunner in the market. “We know after years of experience what we are really good at, and we are increasingly putting our focus on that.” Bronkhorst ushers in this era with the first visible development: a new design style that is striking, inspiring and groundbreaking.

Bronkhorst’s new style, called ROHE, was designed by architect Igor Banušic. He is known for his pursuit of architectural timelessness. Banušic drew inspiration for this style primarily from the designs of leading architect Mies van der Rohe (born 1886). Van der Rohe is a German-American architect who was way ahead of his time, and whose apt statement “Less is more” we still know today. The large overhang, which is one of the most distinctive elements of the design style, slopes upward. This makes the roof optically slimmer, decidedly different from the thick eaves you see a lot these days. According to Bronkhorst, ROHE is “the definition of natural elegance.

With this move, Bronkhorst is reclaiming its position as a forerunner in the market. “Every gardener or self-employed person now makes something similar to what we were one of the first in years ago. It is our ambition to be – and remain – the forerunner and specialist in design and realization of luxury outdoor enclosures,” said Gert Klaassen. “It’s in our DNA to want to hold that position. And we can do it well. By giving this kind of development the right attention, we will continue to make great strides in the years to come.” From now on, Bronkhorst also presents the inspiring images of its luxury country houses in a new look. Lifelike 3D images give form to what has not yet been built, but has already been thought out in detail.

Whereas a few years ago they were relatively simple structures, Bronkhorst is increasingly realizing completely dressed-up and highly exclusive outdoor enclosures. Of all amenities. In more than 18 years, Bronkhorst has since grown into a company with more than 30 diligent subject matter experts. “Always go the extra mile” is the motto. “Clear communication and good cooperation are key to making the exclusive projects like the ones we realize 100 percent successful,” says Gert Klaassen. Bronkhorst currently realizes about 190 outdoor stays per year.

Bronkhorst’s website and brochure also recently received an impressive upgrade. “The look no longer suited the organization to which Bronkhorst has now grown.” Sanne Jansen, marketer at Bronkhorst: “With this fresh and modern appearance, we are positioning ourselves as the specialist in the market.” Whereas previously craftsmanship and carpenters were the focus of Bronkhorst’s expressions, now advice, design and project management are highlighted. “Clear communication and complete unburdening: services in which we noticeably distinguish ourselves from other providers. And that can be seen”.

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