Casa / Studio Passivhaus by Margherita Potente and Stefano Piraccini in Cesena, Italy, is one of the first of its kind in the world. An international jury recognized “PIRACCINI + POTENTE SUSTAINABLE ARCHITECTURE” for this project with the award in the “Home Efficiency & Technology” category.

Buildings that significantly reduce heat loss through ventilation and do not require conventional building heating are called “passive houses. Such low-energy buildings are certified by the Passive House Institute Darmstadt – an internationally renowned institute for research and development of building concepts, building components and planning tools. Certification requires compliance with architectural, technology and ecology requirements.

The project shows how it is possible to achieve the energy performance of a passive house not only in new construction, but also in remodeling and renovation projects. By applying the passive house protocol, buildings in need of renovation are upgraded, made more energy efficient and earthquake resistant.

The building consists of wood, steel, masonry and reinforced concrete and has a mixed structure. The natural properties of each material were taken into account to ensure optimal interaction. In this way, the construction costs of the house were kept at market levels without losing sight of qualitative aspects.

Much of the heat demand comes from passive sources such as solar radiation, heat dissipation from people and technical devices. Casa / Studio Passivhaus is not connected to the gas grid and has only a controlled mechanical ventilation system. This allows clean and filtered air from outside to be enriched with the heat from the extracted stale air. By forgoing combustible energy sources, the building emits no emissions to the atmosphere.

The Duravit series ME by Starck, Starck 1, L-Cube, Happy D.2, Luv and Sensowash® Slim can be found in this extraordinary building. A highlight is the DuraSquare sink with a metal console in matte black, which impresses with its clarity and reduction. For Stefano Piraccini, the passive house serves as both a home and an architectural office. The architect had a sink installed on the bedroom terrace to enjoy the view of the Savio River during the morning routine.

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