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Total project

Exclusive interiors

Every house looks different. One opts for an interior with a neutral appearance by opting for calm colors and few details, while another opts for a luxurious look that mainly uses warm colors and elegant details. Different living styles are applied, such as modern, classical or rural. Color is one of the biggest factors that determines the look and feel of a room. But the use of materials also plays a major role in this. It is sometimes said that the interior reflects your identity. The interior is entirely based on your own wishes, making you feel comfortable in your home.

Look inside exclusive interiors

Many aspects are involved in the realization and design of your dream palace. Which colors and materials are used? Which space is used for what and what are the options for that location? What are the lighting requirements? Since every space has a different purpose and a certain space is available for it, it is wise to use the space as optimally as possible. Op Hoog you can look inside exclusive interiors realized by top architects and highly regarded professionals. The professionals are happy to help you figure out the options and design exclusive interiors that fully meet your personal preferences.