Cera-stones, ceramic floor tiles with the look and feel of real antique natural stone Dallen floors. At Cera-stones, each series has its own character, all with a beautiful historic look which are replicas of floors from historic Flemish and French country houses, castles and churches.

We sell Cera-stones in all kinds of homes and living styles. Earlier, Cera-stones were less common in a modern home, but in recent years we have actually seen sleek combined with robust, and so Cera-stones are also used in very modern homes with sleek interiors.

Often real natural stone floors are more susceptible to scratches, wear and discoloration. This can also be experienced as “lived through. Cera-stones is a ceramic product. Ceramic has the property of being non-discoloring, non-wearing and having no absorption of liquids. Easy maintenance is also easy, mopping with lukewarm water and an occasional splash of natural or cleaning vinegar to fight bacteria. Not at all insignificant, the tiles look great in any room.

  • Perfect alternative to Castle Stones
  • Excellent alternative to Burgundy Dallen or natural stone tiles
  • Ceramic product
  • Durable product
  • Wear-resistant
  • Colorfast
  • No absorption of liquids
  • Ideal with underfloor heating
  • Easy to process
  • Applicable in any space

Have you become curious about our Cera-stones tiles? Visit our showroom for more inspiration or for answers to your questions! In our three-story showroom, of course, we have many more different types of tile.

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