Choosing outdoor room colors

Choosing outdoor room colors

What does the color of uprights and walls do in an outdoor room? Do you choose black or a very light color? Will you choose a warm hue or keep certain areas neutral or opt for no color at all?

We will look at what color does to the overall look and what it does to the experience of the outdoor living area.

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Black – Eleg a ntion, tough and style
A popular color often combined with neutral colors or parts not stained. It looks modern and elegant when large areas are stained black. Black also exudes warmth, coziness and coziness. So you can apply this well in a canopy and illuminate the wall with spotlights, for example, to create atmosphere.

Gray – Refined, neutral and sleek

Do you prefer a more secure color? Then gray might be an option for you. Gray is generally a fairly neutral color where you can still veer toward warm or cold gray. Anthracite exudes an air of luxury and is associated with sleek and organized.

White – Pure, tranquility and perfectionism

For a true wellness garden, white is a color that provides tranquility. On the contrary, the surroundings fall away a bit and do not attract full attention. On the other hand, white can be a huge contrast when you go with colorful plantings or materials around the white walls of the canopy, making it a completely standout element in the garden.

Warm colors – Confidence, natural, basic and solid
Warm colors include taupe, clear varnish (so that the wood color is preserved) and sand color. These colors are quite neutral and all possess a warm hue, creating instant atmosphere in the outdoor living area. So you feel right at home in your canopy because of this.

When you put together a canopy in the trendwood app with your inspirator, you can already apply the right color to the 3D visualization right away. This will give you an idea of what the canopy will look like.

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You can get an even better picture of the whole thing when you have a 3D garden design done that includes the desired stain color. Only then can you really see what the color does to the space and its surroundings.

Together with the designer, you will look at what best suits the garden to make it all fall into a beautiful whole.

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