Cleaning and maintenance of your carpet

Cleaning and maintenance of your carpet

The advice around maintenance, cleaning and repair of your carpet in this blog focuses on hand-knotted carpets only. That is, they are made by using only natural materials brought together using centuries-old techniques to create an authentic oriental hand-knotted rug. Due to the lack of glue and other chemical materials, these carpets are very durable and as such can be cleaned very well.

You would do well to vacuum your carpets every week. Be sure to always vacuum with the pole. So that the pole remains tightly closed.

A hand-knotted rug is made from hand-spun wool from sheep that live in the area where the rugs are made. Due to the harsh living conditions, these sheep create an extra layer of fat for protection, this is called lanolin. This lanolin is so thoroughly embedded in the wool that it simply remains in the wool even during dyeing and washing. Because the wool in your carpet is saturated with this “grease,” the carpet also hardly picks up dirt.

Should spills occur on your carpet, we do recommend using a kitchen tissue to absorb as much of the moisture as possible as soon as possible. Then you can treat with a clean damp cloth.

NEVER use synthetic detergent. This is unnecessary and may also damage the natural materials that make up your carpet. We always say a good quality carpet protects itself.

Sparkling, carbonated water is also great for removing stains from your hand-knotted carpet. For mustard stains, mud stains or other substances that are not really liquid and harden relatively quickly, we recommend allowing them to dry and, after hardening, gently scraping them away with the pile.

Proper maintenance will keep your carpets clean for years. If you do end up wanting to thoroughly clean your hand-knotted carpets we can always do this for you. Visit a specialty store otherwise your carpet’s natural protective mechanism will be damaged.

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