Coffee as inspiration

Coffee as inspiration

At Meijs Wonen, the kitchen is prominent; it is the heart of our business. This is not for nothing: it is the place where we get together, relax and chat with colleagues and customers.

Coffee color
And we drink a lot of coffee there. Regular with a cube of sugar and a cloud of milk but also latte macchiato, cappuccino and espresso. These are so delicious that you don’t look at them for long; before you know it, your cup is empty. Do it next time because it’s worth it! Anyway, the warm palette of coffee and caramel hues inspired us for a new section of our showroom in these colors.

With our team, we regularly visit interior design events, such as the leading interior design fairs in Cologne, Paris and Milan. After that, we are brimming with new ideas. It was love at first sight when we were introduced to the warm Bohemian living style that is shaped by natural materials such as wool, leather, rattan and wood. In the colors of … exactly: coffee.

New style rooms
Join us for a look at the new style rooms in this ambience where the beautiful furniture and accessories by Leolux, Cassina, Linteloo, Arco, Moooi, Hay, Rolf Benz, Walter Knoll, Brokis, Pols Potten and Claudi, among others, feel right at home. Do you have time? Then we’ll have a nice cup of coffee. Or tea, of course.

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