Art on your wall

Art is unique and bound to taste, but an interior is only really finished when you have your favorite work of art on the wall. Whether you like a painting, a framed drawing, a photo on glass, or a sculpture: there is something for everyone. For example, are you going for abstract or would you prefer a characteristic landscape? Do you like portraits or marble statues? Artists each have their own unique style and approach. Take a look around at Galerie Kunstbroeders, Galerie Ton, Nu Art & Design or The Royal Blue Collection and be surprised by all the beauty they have to offer.

A large statue is perfect for the hall. This way you have a beautiful entrance when you enter or receive your guests. A large work of art above the sofa in the living room always works well. Or how about a nice photo on glass for your canopy or a painting in your bedroom or office?

Art has no boundaries

A work of art is a special form of decoration for your home. It is not only beautiful to see but often also tells a story. You choose a painting because you have fallen in love with it. Whether that is due to the colors, the material, or the depicted. With a painting, drawing or photo on your wall, you show your identity.

Often a work of art is unique, so you can be sure that no one else will have the same interior as you. Talk to the gallery owners or artists and discover what drives them. Trust your gut and experience what a work evokes in you when you are standing in front of it. This way you can make the right choice and enrich your interior with a work that suits you completely.