AbS² Architectuur bureau Stefan Soenens

AbS² Architectuur bureau Stefan Soenens

AbS² Architectuur bureau Stefan Soenens
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Stefan Soenens is a civil engineer architect by training. He followed these studies at the KU Leuven and graduated in 1997. This training had a mainly technical perspective, which was further emphasized by the free electives.

For his compulsory refresher internship, he opted for a large engineering office where all facets of construction activities are offered. Over the next five years he came into contact with a variety of disciplines that helped him hone his construction skills. He presented himself within the consultancy as an engineer special techniques and in the meantime started to develop his own independent architectural practice.

Since 2002, the cooperation in the engineering office has been gradually phased out in favor of the own professional activity. Today, our own office has grown into a full-time activity.

The emphasis of the assignments is on the renovation and restoration of existing buildings. A discipline that will certainly be further expanded in the future. Most renovations also have a part new-build architecture in the order, but complete new-build projects are also among the realizations of the office.

In addition, the activities are supplemented with expert activities such as state of findings, private expertise and technical advice in the context of the construction industry.

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AbS² Architectuur bureau Stefan Soenens
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