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The tranquility of nuance
Tranquility, spaciousness and harmony: who is not looking for it in these times of hectic activity? They are elements that make your house a true home. A place where you find your balance again. Choosing the right colors, materials and techniques to decorate each space plays a key role.

The craft of a master painter
It is the love of simplicity, nature and authenticity that inspires Artisan’s fine painters to honor their craft and to deepen its possibilities. Under the direction of master painter Kenneth Vander Stricht, they work exclusively with creative techniques and natural materials, away from the process-oriented. With wonderful results as a result. Because these techniques have only really been discovered in recent years, the large, prestigious projects stand out in particular. However, it doesn’t take an imposing construction project to bring that beauty into your own home. “People often think our approach is unaffordable, but it’s not,” Kenneth says.

Back to the essence
Those who choose lime and mineral paints and techniques such as plastering, caulking and patination give their homes a natural, lived-in look. The result of painting from the heart. “We make our paints ourselves and we work exclusively with brushes, so manually. That always creates more beauty, more nuance. In doing so, we use as many natural raw materials, pigments and minerals as possible. A traditional color palette can never match that. For some clients we even used soil from a neighboring forest, or sand from a nearby beach. Every home is unique.”

A unique signature
The beauty of fine painting is finding its way to more and more people through websites and social media. In this regard, Artisan Painters is a leading reference. “What we deliver is more than traditional painting.We pair the owner’s desire with artistic vision and artisanal craftsmanship. This produces a unique result. Our desire is to collaborate on the client’s living dream. And we do that by combining mine and letting the client’s feelings speak into the space.”

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