Bronkhorst Machined Woodworking

Bronkhorst Machined Woodworking

Bronkhorst Machinale Houtbewerking
Diepeweg 20
8075 BX  Elspeet

A reputable, medium-sized carpentry company with a nice mix of active, young people and experienced skilled workers. A combination of well-trained people with modern CNC-controlled machines. Thus, various disciplines are gone through to deliver a quality product with great precision. In addition to fabricator of frames and stairs, we are the specialist in producing special machine carpentry. Consider balustrades, paneling and moldings. Basically, we make anything to do with wood in any shape and/or type of wood. All products are made according to a predetermined quality system “IKB,” which means that there is monitoring and recording at every workplace to ensure consistent quality.

Quality and reliability
Machinale Houtbewerking Bronkhorst is KOMO-, FSC®- and PEFC-certified as an organization and is committed to the safety of people and the environment. As an approved training company, we train a new generation of skilled workers and continue to develop, improve and innovate ourselves. We are a professional company where quality and reliability are a matter of course. We do our work with passion. We do what we say and we say what we do. We guarantee craftsmanship and high product quality. For good advice and competitive value for money. For flexibility and customer focus.

Strong in specific requirements
In addition to manufacturing standard frames, we are strong in making frames with different shapes (arched, round, elliptical, oval, angled and pointed). Whenever possible, we use legally harvested and sustainably produced wood (FSC® or PEFC). The most commonly used wood species are meranti, mahogany, merbau, iroko, oak, larch, spruce and Oregon pine. All products are sprayed with a water-based paint according to concept I/II. Concept III is also possible, in which the elements are completely glazed and painted.

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Bronkhorst Machined Woodworking
Project Elspeet
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Bronkhorst Machined Woodworking
Rural villa with exclusive wooden frames
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