DMD Amsterdam

DMD Amsterdam

Prinsengracht 1111 hs
1017JJ Amsterdam

DMD Amsterdam is a design firm founded by interior designer Dick Mulders based in Amsterdam. DMD Amsterdam’s designs have luxury and boldness.

The will and desire to create timeless environments with international allure that feel both own and free come together in all of DMD Amsterdam’s designs. Our multidisciplinary team is ready to make people happy, inspire and surprise them by creating inspiring, luxurious environments.

DMD Amsterdam takes worries out of your hands. A keen eye for quality and the ability to look and listen critically enable Dick Mulders and his team to properly assess the wishes of clients and develop them into a successful and timeless concept. Moreover, interior designer and founder of DMD Amsterdam, Dick Mulders, likes to create something surprising, something distinctive, something unique. A so-called “signature piece” can therefore be found in all designs.

DMD Amsterdam’s working method is characterized by always putting the client at the center of the intended end result; we always walk the road towards it together. When designing our luxurious interiors, we never lose sight of the human touch. By working closely with the client, we ensure that every detail is infused with the client’s vision. Our goal is to provide the client with a home that always continues to surprise with timeless elegance.

DMD Amsterdam – founder Dick Mulders, born 1977.

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