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Architecture as a craft …

For DMOA, architecture is the result of a very intensive traditional process. Every project starts from a blank page. The first draws already contain the seeds of a concrete building. What is drawn must be able to be built. For this we work in a very artisan way, like a master builder. We seek intense collaboration with the crafts that are necessary to realize the building. If necessary, we experiment with materials and products ourselves. In this artisanal process, we embrace traditional techniques and materials and continue to draw inspiration from our rich construction history.

… versus the ingenious

This traditional way of working is reinforced by our curiosity about the wonderful technologies of our time. Architecture is at the dawn of a new era. Intelligent buildings, interactivity, robotization of the construction process, artificial intelligence, virtual reality… As engineers, we are passionate about making full use of the possibilities that are being developed today.

We learn from the authentic, we embrace the new. This amalgamation brings something new.

innovation through experiment

Our projects will not take shape without experiment. Experimentation has become second nature. We often cannot rely on ready-made solutions for our architecture. We now know that we can also choose the hard way. DMOA experiments in every way. For a house in Kontich, we developed a completely new type of facade system in Corten steel. In Heverlee we built round concrete walls of which you would think that the finish is tree bark. The facade of our new office is made of “rammed concrete” with a thickness of only 10 cm and for a house in Blanden we developed our own detailing for “stamp windows” (awarded the 1st prize of the Schrijnwerk Awards).

innovation by bringing together diverse disciplines

When different disciplines work together, fireworks can arise, something exciting, something new. DMOA is uniquely adept at bringing people together to take a project to another level. We coordinate this entire process and motivate all parties to create something exceptional. Our Maggie is the best example of this. The collaborations are too numerous to mention and they come from very different domains; universities (KUL), government organizations (IWT, FIT, various ministries,…), manufacturers (Vermako, Vervaeke,…), aid organizations (UNHCR, MSF, IRFC,…) NGOs, humanitarian non-profit organizations,… In January we won for Maggie the prestigious Henry van de Velde Award for Life Quality. There were a lot of people on stage …

innovation through daring

To develop something new, one has to be willing to jump into the dark. Starting on something without knowing where it will end. DMOA has the necessary courage to take on such a challenge and the willpower to bring it to a successful conclusion.

context-oriented design …

Every realization of DMOA is different. Each building has its own identity.

We don’t look for a particular style, we go for a specific approach. The preconditions define the working method. The context determines the design. Architecture does not stand alone, it must be embedded in its environment, landscape. It must add value to the surrounding space. DMOA therefore looks beyond the building itself, as far as the building has an impact. Every transition between the project with the surrounding landscape or built environment, between the building and its content, between the concrete and the abstract, is analyzed and, if necessary, a suitable solution is devised.

… And involvement with the client

The diversity in our projects also has to do with our clients. They all have their own program, their own wishes, their own taste. DMOA can listen and feel well. We try not only to meet the client’s wishes. We try to broaden his thinking world. The result is therefore always a surprise.

search for the right atmosphere

DMOA uses all possible architectural elements to achieve the right atmosphere for a particular space, building or landscape. Proportions (in all dimensions), natural light, artificial or candlelight, raw or smooth materials, matt or shiny, hard or soft, … the tactile, the acoustic and even the olfactory dimension, … all are united in one harmonious whole.

The right atmosphere strengthens and broadens human activity, actions and communication. It just feels right.

new social commitment

The DMOA reference list mainly contains private housing projects. New construction and renovations, small and large, interior and exterior. For everything that crossed our path, we went for advanced solutions, we made the best of a given situation. We gave each family their own beautiful biotope.

We want to set a good example for every project. However, the social relevance remains small. That is why we have started a new social commitment for a few years. Based on our individuality, we want to use our capacities to enrich our society, make our cities and villages more liveable and give our natural green spaces new breathing space. The first projects in the urban fabric are a fact, and many more are in the pipeline.

Worldwide DMOA wants to develop solutions to increase the opportunities for displaced persons and refugees. Our Maggie is just the first step in that direction.

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